Adult Learners' Week Provider Information

Adult Learners' Week/He Tangata Mātauranga (ALW/HTM) offers you, the ACE provider, with an opportunity to celebrate the work that you do all year. In this way you can acknowledge your learners, promote what you do, and become more visible in your community. You will also have the chance to learn more about the ACE activities of other organisations.

You do not need to be funded as an ACE provider to participate. Any organisation that offers any form of adult learning can take part in the Week. The more providers that take part - the better. It will help raise the profile of the sector. Click below to download the ALW guide.

PDF iconALW Information Guide 2017 (542KB)

Types of activities

Basically, ALW/HTM activities can be anything that offers members of the local community an opportunity to find out what you do and where you are.

The simplest thing that an organisation can do is to do what they do every other week of the year, but from September 2-8 label these activities as Adult Learners' Week/He Tangata Mātauranga events and invite members of the community to observe or take part.

But you can also do something different for ALW/HTM because this will make it easier for your organisation to draw attention to itself. You could hold an open day, set up a display in a shopping centre, host a learning expo, present demonstrations or performances, hold a party...

Here are some examples of activities offered by organisations during previous Adult Learners' Weeks:

  • hold open days to allow members of the local community to come and explore learning institutions in a friendly casual atmosphere
  • hold sausage sizzles and family picnic days as a way of letting people get to know the learning organisation in a friendly pressure-free way
  • hold learning fairs and expos with stalls representing the activities and achievements of learning
  • organise for learning providers to visit workplaces, community centres, galleries etc. to offer sample learning experiences
  • organise exhibitions of student works and achievements
  • charter a learning bus to take information about learning opportunities to remote areas
  • hold special days to target specific community groups, such as Seniors Online Day that invited older members of the community to take part in learning about computing


  • organise a walking tour of adult learning venues in a given area, encouraging participants to collect a stamp in a passport at each and then hand in the completed passport for a prize at the end (e.g. a cap or t-shirt)
  • set up learning information stands in shopping malls, outside supermarkets and in popular lunch areas. The stalls offered information about learning opportunities and offered performances, basic skills workshops and similar activities
  • offer free sample classes as a way of letting people find out for themselves how fulfilling learning can be




  • conduct a competition, offering something from a learning institution as a prize
  • organise events to feature and celebrate past adult learning achievers
  • offer practical sessions on how to teach others
  • organise a public debate on a hot learning topic